Why Suzuki Piano?

Why learn using the Suzuki method and what it is:

The Suzuki Method is a philosophy of learning that goes beyond the basics of “how to play the piano.”  In his research, Dr. Shinichi Suzuki proved that every child has the ability to learn piano, just as they learn their native language. Musical talent is learned, not inherited. Children, by nature, are more sensitive than adults to subtle nuances of sound.  The Suzuki Method also holds that musical success depends heavily on the home environment. Talent can be developed to a very high level if the student has a musically and socially nurturing home environment. Daily listening programs, practice schedules, and the regular presence of music in the family’s daily life, along with lessons, contribute to a rich musical education.

As Suzuki student, Christine Darling knows first hand of the long lasting benefits.   Parental help is one of the speical aspects to the Suzuki Method.  Parents of Suzuki students will enter into the learning process with their child(ren), opening doors of vast potential and instilling healthy habits of learning. The goal of Suzuki is not only to foster excellence in piano education, but to lay the foundation for a life-long enjoyment of music and learning.

For more information about the Suzuki Method click HERE

Below: Dr. Shinichi Suzuki and Dr. Haruko Kataoka.  Dr. Kataoka was Dr. Suzuki’s accompanist and took his pedagogical ideas for the violin and applied them to the piano.


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